Vista--I don't like it and other musings

OK, Vista boots faster, but too many programs just don't work well with it. Even ones that say they've been upgraded for Vista. . . and the Internet Security program I like best still won't work. I get happy feelings when I boot into XP and I'm having 2nd thoughts about installing Vista on my tablet pc.

One of my friends just had a double mastectomy, another long-time Christmas and Easter guest died, others moved a couple of hours away and we haven't seen them since. It's difficult to lose people and difficult for people to lose their body parts, but losing people seems like losing a body part. . . it will never be the same again. And I am ever aware of that. Ihave been experiencing it to some degree since high school and it doesn't get any easier, I just get better at hiding the pain.

I've been listening to Red. It's a wonderfully produced CD. I highly recommend it!

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