Windows 8: 10 Reasons to Stay with Windows 7


  1. I miss, miss, miss the desktop.  Tiles might workimage fine for tablets and touch screens, but they create frustration for mouse and keyboard users.

  2. I miss, miss, miss the start menu.  From its most functional search, to quick access to docs, pics, and control panel.  I missed it so much I installedimage an program which gave me the desktop and start menu back: Classic Shell.  I may try others sometime and see which is the best.

  3. Games are gone.  I checked my games folder and nothing’s there.  When I am extremely tired, I like to play mindless games.  I found games through the tiles but had to login with my Microsoft user ID before I could install something as simple as solitaire.  My old previously downloaded games from other sources work fine, but they are not in the games folder, either. 

  4. Gadgets are gone.  Yes, I know they had to go because they were prey for hackers.  But I kept them because I like to live on the edge.  No, I kept them because they were useful.  I like a quick glance at an analog clock.  Yes, I could spend twenty dollars and buy a clock and put it on the wall. . . maybe I will do that.  Meanwhile I downloaded Google Desktop and am using the clock and system monitor.  Now all I need is a weather gadget.

  5. Booting is very slow.  Minutes.  Over 5 minutes when I installed some updates yesterday.  2+ minutes normally.  It’s a good thing I don’t often reboot.  Note:  after using it a week, booting is now fast.

  6. Windows didn’t offer to show me which updates were installed.  Yes, I can find it.  But a quick click after booting in Windows 7 showed me any potentially problematic updates right away.

  7. When I click Devices on the Right Side Menu, it doesn’t show devices and printers as it did in Windows 7.  It seems to only deal with projectors.  Completely useless.

  8. Sounds.  I liked the default sounds in Windows 7.  Windows 8 sounds are so gentle that I may miss email and appointments.  I can modify the sound scheme, but none of the other themes has a sound for appointment notifications.

  9. Sorry, I’ve run out of reasons.  Can you supply two more?

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  1. Evan Daily Says:
    November 02, 2012 7:29 AM

    Ran out of reasons, but the ones listed are good ones. I just purchased Win8 pro to upgrade from WinXP. Perhaps I should look for a deal on Win7? How about a list of to reasons to/not-to upgrade to Win7 from WinXP? Christian Blog Network