What does God require this Christmas?

What does God require this Christmas? (Micah 6:8 (The Message))

But he's already made it plain how to live, what to do,
   what God is looking for in men and women.
It's quite simple: Do what is fair and just to your neighbor,
   be compassionate and loyal in your love,

And don't take yourself too seriously— take God seriously.

Ways to do that this Christmas season.

  • Visit Operation Buckeye to send gifts to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Check out Heifer International to send a gift that keeps on giving to a poor family.
  • To provide clean water, donate to Thirst Relief.
  • Donate to local food pantries which are being hit hard by local job losses.
  • Help children who are forced to be soldiers at InvisibleChildren.
  • Computer recyclers don't always recycle computers properly.  Learn more from this 60 Minutes report.  My consultant and I try to recycle by rebuilding and giving away the the poor in our community. 
  • Help people in Africa suffering with AIDS at Hearthecry.
  • Help people in debt in Asia, Africa, and Latin America at Jubileeusa
  • Help stop child exploitation and sex slavery. Visit Love 146 and find out more.

These are only a few ways you can help.  But you can make a difference 1 person at a time.  And you can do what is fair, just, and compassionate for your neighbor.

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Best Christmas Music 2008

I have been searching for the best and here it is.  Buy the entire CD.  Wonderful arrangements--something I can listen to over and over again!   Sarah Groves--O Holy Night

Or if you just want to download the mp3's, here's the link ( you can also preview the songs here:

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December Depression

I don't know how many others feel as I do.  So depressed that the least disappointment knocks us back a couple of notches.  So, what helps?   A  little humor.  So here goes. . .

Billy Collins reads "Litany"

Billy Collins reads "Lanyard"

And it seems like I have no joy at Christmas but would rather skip right to Easter.  Here's a short article that encourages me to aim for that Christmas joy.  Here's a quote: 

We need to hear the crescendo in heaven. We need to hear the jubilant shouts of some angels, while others remained silent, with awestruck mouths hanging open. Billions of prayers being answered. The Master of the Universe stooping to visit His creation through Yeshua, who would be called Emmanuel (God with us).

Here's what Advent to Christmas should be.  Click on the graphic and check out the Advent Conspiracy:  image

And here's one of the best 12 Days of Christmas.

And I mustn't forget the 8 Polish Foods of Christmas which you can download from Amazon here.

If you have anything that makes you laugh or more about Christmas. . . contact me!

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The Foolishness of Christmas

Foolishness seems to be surfacing a lot for me.  First, Sunday, in this message.  Then today, in this email.  And in my audio "readings" of Isaiah from:

I have just reached Chapter 10 and I heard how evil it is to trample over the individual farmers and set up megafarms and how foolish it is to listen to the culture and to buy into its rumors and conspiracy theories. . . this shortly after receiving emails about various store chains on the brink of bankruptcy (only 2 were and 1 of those was in a Chapter 11 reorganization bankruptcy.)  So listen to the message, read the email and think about something other than consumption this Christmas.

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What are cookies?  Cookies are tiny text files that web pages leave on your computer.  They send information to a website.  They may identify your computer to a website you visit frequently.  For example, The New York Times always knows who I am and doesn't make me login every time because it keeps a cookie on my computer.  When I visit their website, they see the cookie and log me in automatically.  There are also 3rd party cookies.  If you visit a website with ads, like the New York Times, those advertisers will leave a cookie on your computer to note your visit.  Then if you visit another website the advertiser also uses, it will note the visit to that website, also.  It then sells that information.  It may also place a specific ad on that website that it believes would appeal to you. 

In the interest of complete disclosure, my website does this.  I have ads on the website for products and companies I believe in.  I put these ads in for your convenience and also to pay for my website.  Every time you purchase something after clicking on one of the ads, I receive some money (Note: it is a very small amount, often as little as 1%, and does not in any way influence my decision about what to recommend).  It never increases your price, and it sometimes will decrease your price. 

Different people have different feelings about this.  Some people don't use the little discount card at the grocery store because they don't want anyone keeping track of their purchasing habits.  I, personally, don't care.  I even appreciate not having to sift through things I would never purchase just to find the few that I would.  If you are like me, ignore cookies.  If you are paranoid, you can block 3rd party cookies. 

How much space are they using?  Very little.  Even if you have thousands of cookies they are so tiny that they use very little space.  Most people have hundreds of cookies or fewer.

So are cookies bad?  In my opinion, only if you are paranoid.  And even the most paranoid often disregard cookies.  So, block them or leave them alone at your discretion.

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New and Improved Website

Take a look at my website.  I've just had it redesigned.  When I had trouble finding things on my own website, I knew I had to turn it over to a professional.  After evaluating a couple local companies, I chose Robintek.  They did exactly what I asked them to do and did not try to talk me into anything I did not want.  I just wanted simple, only a few items per page, no flash.

Please check it out, let me know what you think and give me some more material for the Testimonials.

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Drive-By Rogue Anti-Malware

For those of you who have seen Antivirus 2009 on your computers, please contact me.  If you have seen any warnings that you have this program and need to purchase it, you are infected by this insidious program that masquerades as a helpful tool.  This has been around for years under different names, but is resurfacing and particularly aimed at Windows XP users running Internet Explorer.  It installs on your computer and in Internet Explorer after you see a warning about a virus or spyware infection that you have never seen before and appears legitimate.  You click on the warning and the software installs itself onto your computer.  It is not easily removed.  So contact, me if you see Antivirus 2009 anywhere on your computer.

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The Best Tablet PC--SOLD

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