Internet Explorer 8 problems

IE 8 is a great fix for Internet Explorer, but it keep certain other programs from working properly.  Two that I know about are Best Case bankruptcy software and Turbo Tax online.

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How Would You Live Without A Computer?

Our microwave oven quit last week.  No, it's not a computer, but I had to heat water on the stove and defrosting things was just impossible.  I felt like I had stepped backward in time to a time I could not even remember where everything happened more slowly.  Even the cabin where we vacationed the last couple of years had a microwave!  I did not want to live (not literally!) without it.

I started thinking, how would we live without computers and internet.  Would we do our accounting by hand?  Hire accountants?  Would we call or write to friends instead of emailing, using Facebook or Myspace, or texting?  Would we be willing to wait for snail mail or for the friend to be free before we would expect a response?  Would we hire a realtor for our house search, or actually drive around looking instead of looking online?  What else would we do without computers?  Any ideas? 

Just looking at what we might do, I realize that we may have lost some important things.  It takes time and thought to write a letter.  It takes time and thought to do our accounting or taxes by hand.  It takes time and thought to dialogue with a realtor or an accountant.  Have we stopped thinking?  We have certainly stopped using time to think.

What are some of the things you and I don't do because it takes time?  I have a book of short poems that I cannot finish because poetry cannot be read quickly--you have to stop and think.  Who can still sit (or sit still) through a 3-hour movie (like Gone with the Wind)? What are we missing by not taking time? By using computers?

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