Microsoft Virtual PC

What you can do with an old operating system and old programs.

A virtual PC is one that does not really exist.  Of course you have a box with a computer in it but it is running Windows Vista or Windows 7, or even Windows XP.  Now, if you want to run a program that only works in Windows XP or Windows 98, what do you do?  Windows Vista and 7 have compatibility modes that work well, but not for every program.  So you need to run that program in a Virtual PC that runs Windows XP (or even Windows 98 or 2000).  To do this you need sufficient memory to run the older operating system on top of what you need to run your own computer. You also need sufficient hard drive space to allocate to the Virtual PC.  You will need a legitimate copy of the older operating system and Microsoft Virtual PC, which is free for the download.

I am running a softball league program (with very good tech support) that was released in 2004 in Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 running Windows XP.  I set up everything I would need to do the league schedules:  a legitimate copy of Windows XP, Office 2007, the scheduler program, Firefox web browser, and Windows Live Writer to post the schedules to the blog site. 

This is a safe way to run or test any program because your own computer's operating system remains untouched no matter what happens in the Virtual PC.

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Windows 7 Experience--Update

The best application for better serving you!
In my continuing test of Windows 7 Beta, I have come across the most useful application to date.  It is currently called Record Steps to Reproduce a Problem and is found under Troubleshooting.  However, the name and location could change by the time Windows 7 is released.  When this program is run it presents a simple red record button which, when pressed, records every step you take on a computer.  When you have finished you stop recording and it prompts you to save a file.  You can then email the small, compressed file to me and I will be able to see every step you took that is creating a problem for you, along with screen shots.  This is very useful for you and me, but just think of the other applications!

You might ask me how to do something and rather than explaining I can record the steps and email them to you.  In fact there may be a number of uses I can't even imagine.  So if you have any ideas, please send them to me.  Or comment below. 

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Economic Climate Ideas?

What businesses should survive.
I recently read a review of a book about Marco Polo and the Polo Trading Company.  The review pointed out that a business can remain profitable despite what the government does.  The criteria for remaining profitable are these:

  1. Provide what people want.  I hope you all want friendly, personal, reliable, honest, computer service. And that's what I provide.  No sales or gimmicks.  Just good service.
  2. Offer true value.  That's why we DON'T charge you $99/hour.  After paying expenses at the hourly rate I charge, I can make more than the federal poverty guidelines.  And that's all I need.
  3. Offer exceptional service.  I hope the service we provide would be the rule, rather than the exception, however I have been the victim of poor service that that I would consider no service at all, but often seems to be the rule for some businesses, so maybe my service is the exception!
  4. Have a good reputation--always my goal! 

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