Windows 7 Experience--Update


The best application for better serving you!
In my continuing test of Windows 7 Beta, I have come across the most useful application to date.  It is currently called Record Steps to Reproduce a Problem and is found under Troubleshooting.  However, the name and location could change by the time Windows 7 is released.  When this program is run it presents a simple red record button which, when pressed, records every step you take on a computer.  When you have finished you stop recording and it prompts you to save a file.  You can then email the small, compressed file to me and I will be able to see every step you took that is creating a problem for you, along with screen shots.  This is very useful for you and me, but just think of the other applications!

You might ask me how to do something and rather than explaining I can record the steps and email them to you.  In fact there may be a number of uses I can't even imagine.  So if you have any ideas, please send them to me.  Or comment below. 

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