AT&T Tilt for Sale

AT&T Tilt for Sale
Get it quickly before it's gone!

As some of you may know I upgrade my phone, laptop, etc, about every 2 years.  This year, I'm doing it earlier for the phone because I wasn't using all of its features and I wanted something smaller.  Here are some picturesHere's a review.  (But mine looks different because I have upgraded it)  But let me tell you what I like and disliked about it.  First, it is large enough to read easily and use easily.  I don't want to have to squint or use a magnifying glass!  It can send and receive email and browse the web with an accompanying data plan from AT&T.  The manufacturer (HTC) supports it and has a great reputation.  It has very good AT&T reception and sounds very good on calls and works well with my Bluetooth headset (not included).  It syncs well with Outlook under Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7.  There are many free downloads for it, games or whatever you want to do. I can include some of mine, if you wish.   And the keyboard is great for people who text (not me--that's the one thing I didn't like about it)!  I'm offering you, my clients first chance to own it before I post it on Craigslist or Ebay.  It comes fully upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.5 (just like my new phone), my Boxwave leather case, extra stylus, charger and I have always had a protective cover on the screen and keyboard. (I just took the cover off so you can have a clean screen). 

They are going on Ebay for well over $100, but for my clients you can have it for $100.    It will be an easy upgrade for anyone using AT&T.  You can just remove your SIM card from your current phone and start using it right away.   Please respond quickly--it won't last long!

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Is Windows 7 worth the upgrade price?

Windows 7, will be released to the public tomorrow, and is definitely worth the upgrade price.  I have been using the full release version for a couple of months and have found it very good.  It recognizes hardware that you may connect to your computer and installs it without any interaction on your part.  I have found this to be true for even multi-function printers!  And it found a TV tuner card that I had forgotten I had in my Vista computer (Vista didn't' know I had it either) and installed it perfectly.  Programs that did not work in Windows Vista, but worked in Windows XP, now work in Windows 7.  And it is faster, more secure, and uses fewer system resources than Vista. 

If you have Vista you can upgrade to a similar version of Windows 7.  If you have Windows XP, it requires a clean install--you cannot install an upgrade version and it and will not save any of your programs, data, or settings. 

So, even if Vista is working well for you right now, I would encourage you to consider upgrading to take advantage of Windows 7's ease of use and new features.

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Internet Security or Antivirus? Which is best?

Many people ask me this question.  Anti-virus products cost less than internet security products, so can you get by with just an antivirus?  The answer depends on you.  Do you have a DSL (SBC or AT&T) or cable (Time Warner, Roadrunner, Insight) connection?  Do you click on links when you are searching the web?  If you can say "yes" to both of these, you need an Internet Security Product.  Why?  It all comes down to the difference.

Anti-virus products, in general, guard you from viruses and spyware and they do this by matching a suspected virus or spyware item to a "signature" for that particular virus or spyware.  Internet security products also look at the "signature," but they do more.  They will monitor the actions of files and programs to see if they act like viruses and spyware.  They will also add a toolbar to your web browser for safer surfing and may monitor websites for danger so you will know before you click.  The one I recommend, Norton 360, also provides a robust firewall, hard drive cleanup and defragmentation, as well as a backup program.

So, while you may pay twice for a yearly subscription to an internet security product, you are getting four, or five, or even six times the benefit.

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Windows Mobile 6.5, AT&T Pure dropped calls

I have been using my AT&T Pure for a couple of weeks.  It has consistently dropped calls.  I spent half a day online with AT&T and HTC (the manufacturer of the phone) to try to solve the problem.  Nothing worked.  I finally found a program that lets me change the phone signal from 3G to Edge (2G).  It worked great and no dropped calls and much better signal strength.  Now why couldn’t AT&T and HTC just tell me about that?

The program is Comm Manager 8 and it must be run from your phone.  It installs a switch in the Wireless Manager which allows you to switch off 3G.  AT&T’s 2G (EDGE) is very stable and strong here in Columbus, Ohio.

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