Is Windows 7 worth the upgrade price?


Windows 7, will be released to the public tomorrow, and is definitely worth the upgrade price.  I have been using the full release version for a couple of months and have found it very good.  It recognizes hardware that you may connect to your computer and installs it without any interaction on your part.  I have found this to be true for even multi-function printers!  And it found a TV tuner card that I had forgotten I had in my Vista computer (Vista didn't' know I had it either) and installed it perfectly.  Programs that did not work in Windows Vista, but worked in Windows XP, now work in Windows 7.  And it is faster, more secure, and uses fewer system resources than Vista. 

If you have Vista you can upgrade to a similar version of Windows 7.  If you have Windows XP, it requires a clean install--you cannot install an upgrade version and it and will not save any of your programs, data, or settings. 

So, even if Vista is working well for you right now, I would encourage you to consider upgrading to take advantage of Windows 7's ease of use and new features.

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