Book of the Year

It’s possibly premature to announce my book of the year in January, but this book was published in 2009.  I recently read it and could not put it down.  (OK, I had to put it down a few times to cry or think).  The book covers her past and present all at the same time and you think it would be confusing, but it’s not.  It asks the question, what if you life was on course with no hesitation and God calls you to do something else?  What does God’s call look like?  How do you relate to Him?  If you liked The Shack, this is so much better, they are not even in the same class.  I read one of the author’s other novels and immediately gave it away because I didn’t like it.  This, however, is well written, poignant and if it has any failing, it’s the end where she rapidly covers years that we might wish took another half book.  Even with that fault, if it is one, I recommend this book to everyone who wants to follow God. The Passion of Mary-Margaret

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