Vista Boot Manager

Vista manages booting much differently than other Windows Operating Systems. . . as I found out this weekend. If Vista is not installed on the 1st hard drive, there is no way to boot your computer after the 1st hard drive is removed. You cannot boot from a Windows XP cd, or any earlier version of Windows. OK, so you can boot, you just cannot do anything afterward. So now I am stuck booting with a Windows XP Cd in my DVD drive, a bare install of Vista on the 1st drive. and the second hard drive has my primary Vista install. All this because Vista insists on booting its boot manager on the 1st hard drive and there's no good way to move it or fix it or whatever.

Nor can I boot from an OEM full Vista disk, or a Vista upgrade disk. Shame on Microsoft for making it so difficult.. . .BUT GUESS WHAT. . . IT IS A HARDWARE ISSUE. Some DVD Drives cannot read Microsoft Disks. I tried another and fixed the boot problem. So if this happens to you, try another DVD drive, since they are relatively cheap.

Sometimes hindsight just comes too late.

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