Summer Reading for Teenagers-Part 1

For teenagers (or adults who don't want to think too much and don't mind fiction where the protagonists are all teenagers.)  This author writes action novels and will keep anyone turning the pages to follow the twists and turns.  He, unlike some other authors, does a good job of portraying both men and women.

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Firefox Extensions

Yes, I have been using Firefox for years as my primary web browser and as web designers have become more consistent in designing sites that meet web standards, there is very little you cannot do in Firefox.  Get Firefox here.

What do I like best?  Firefox works with just about any operating system.  It saves passwords in an easy to view file.  It stops pop-ups.  It warns of phishing sites.  It is not generally affected by hijackers.  But most other features that you would notice are in the extensions.

Extensions:  these are little add-ons that make life easier.  Here are some of my favorites.

  • Google browser sync--lets you sync bookmarks (favorites), cookies, passwords, etc.  between different computers.  And since I regularly use 2, it's important to me.
  • Adblock Plus--blocks most web ads and lets you easily switch between blocking and not blocking.
  • PDF download--lets you choose whether to download a PDF file to your computer and save it, or just view it in your browser.  Often I just want to download it and look at it later.

If you are using Firefox, you can find extensions by clicking on Tools, Add-Ons, then clicking on Get Extensions on the lower left of the window that opens.

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I'm Back. . .

Yes, it's been since February that I've blogged.  Life was just too complicated to try to sort it out online.  Now, things may be coming together.  Part of that has been a more or less 9-month search for another computer consultant who can assist me  (and you!).  The search was long because it was important to find the right person and as you may know, my first choice of anything is usually wrong.  I'll introduce Jeff in a later blog.

Here's a quote from an acquaintance who's in Tanzania for 5 years:  (Maybe, you'll laugh, too!

May 15, 2008 6pm – Visiting Mama Jackie’s house (next door neighbor) Sitting chatting while she cuts greens for boiling. Conversation in Swahili….read on!
Mama Jackie: Last night I heard music coming from your house, when you had guests…?
Me: Oh yes, every Wednesday night we are doing a group to study the Bible and steal together. We like to worship God by stealing.
Mama Jackie: (laugher)
Me: (laughter as I realize my mistake) We like to SING to worship God together! SING!
Decoder: Swahili verb for ‘to sing’: IMBA. Swahili word for ‘to steal’: IBA. Forgot to pronounce the “m”…you know, just a minor difference in, yeah.

Read more on her blog:  Grace in Tanzania

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