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Yes, it's been since February that I've blogged.  Life was just too complicated to try to sort it out online.  Now, things may be coming together.  Part of that has been a more or less 9-month search for another computer consultant who can assist me  (and you!).  The search was long because it was important to find the right person and as you may know, my first choice of anything is usually wrong.  I'll introduce Jeff in a later blog.

Here's a quote from an acquaintance who's in Tanzania for 5 years:  (Maybe, you'll laugh, too!

May 15, 2008 6pm – Visiting Mama Jackie’s house (next door neighbor) Sitting chatting while she cuts greens for boiling. Conversation in Swahili….read on!
Mama Jackie: Last night I heard music coming from your house, when you had guests…?
Me: Oh yes, every Wednesday night we are doing a group to study the Bible and steal together. We like to worship God by stealing.
Mama Jackie: (laugher)
Me: (laughter as I realize my mistake) We like to SING to worship God together! SING!
Decoder: Swahili verb for ‘to sing’: IMBA. Swahili word for ‘to steal’: IBA. Forgot to pronounce the “m”…you know, just a minor difference in meaning...um, yeah.

Read more on her blog:  Grace in Tanzania

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