Best and Worst Businesses in Columbus


The Best

Columbus Floor Sanding--When we had problems with our previous floor contractor, Ken Wooten from Columbus Floor Sanding, came, and knew exactly what to do to repair the damage and give us the wood floors we wanted. He also was able to tell us what the other company had done wrong, so we had evidence to reverse the credit card charges.

Our Neighbor--I'm not giving his name because I don't think he wants too much business! But he's fixed what others have left undone. And for a general contractor, he's great! Also a great neighbor.

Lowes--I have never had a problem ordering or returning anything to Lowes. In fact, they have always gone above and beyond what I would expect to solve a problem.

Dog sitter--Elise von Borries of Complete Critter Care in Clintonville.

More to come as I think of them!

The Worst

Affordable Custom Flooring--Took on sanding and finishing our floors to look like the dining and living room floors. Did not know what they were doing. Stained them the opposite color. Used stain that was not floor-specific stain. Added too much pigment. Kept us living in the basement with no access to toilet or showers for a week. Horrible. We got our money back when we disputed it with our credit card company. . . and then Affordable turned us over to a collection agency. And yesterday they sent us a promotional mailing! Columbus Floor Sanding fixed everything, correctly and quickly.

Clintonville Appliance-- Check out my earlier blog for this story. But if it's not in stock, don't bother to get it from them. Little and late communication. Cost us a lot of money even though the original price was reasonable.

Ted Bachman--a contractor who I have been told has left the state. But he wasn't competent.

I am very good at picking bad companies to start with and ending up with very good ones! Learn from my pain.

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