Internet Security Differences: Norton 360 v. Zone Alarm Security


Just a quick look. My preferred at the moment is Norton 360.

Norton 360

  • Easy to install and configure
  • Backup built in
  • Does not seem to slow down system
  • Not easy to configure if you want anything other than standard settings. Cannot change standard settings. Cannot choose which drives or folders are scanned.
  • Spam blocking and Parental Controls are a separate download.
  • No reporting.
  • Spam blocking does not work as well as Zone Alarm. Both false positives and missed spam.

ZoneAlarm Security

  • Easy to install and configure including advanced configuration
  • Spam Blocking and Parental Controls built-in (except no PC in Windows Vista)
  • Slows down some systems.
  • Does not backup your computer, but I recommend another program for that anyway.
  • Extensive reporting.

So, there it is, in a nutshell. I like Norton 360 for a set it and forget it for most individuals. I like Zone Alarm for its configuration and reporting options.

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