Gathering and Preparing

When you are anticipating something, how do you gather or prepare?  For vacations, I find myself gathering the hiking stuff, gathering the reading materials, and gathering the food.  All in discrete piles where I frequently stumble over them!  It increases the anticipation, the excitement builds for the time when I will actually use these things. 

How do we prepare and gather for other events?  With little piles or some other way.  How do we prepare for the biggest event, that plunge into life everlasting?  Am I preparing in the same way?  What piles do I stumble over?  What increases my excitement and anticipation?  I don't have answers for these questions, but I do have some thoughts.  Two are below.  More may follow.

Jesus has been the only person to take that plunge and return.  How did he prepare?  What would I call those piles in my life? 

  • We know he spent time with the Father.  So my time with the Father pile is scattered throughout my day.  Sometimes I trip over it in the morning, but more often it's after I'm truly awake.  My friend, Anne, has recommended a book which will help me build those piles in a discrete place.  I will start reading it in a couple of weeks.  This is the book: 


  • We know he spent time with his friends.  I was reading this morning how he left the crowds and went up on a hillside with his friends.  This is the hard thing for me.  Life is so full, it's difficult to fit in with the also full lives of friends.  For some it's a one-a-month meal, or a once in awhile meal.  And we have friends that stay with us when we vacation so we can have a longer time with them.  But making the time is hard for me because I like solitude but too much of that tends to lead to inertia.  So, if you're my friend and I'm not scheduling you in, please let me know.  The best "friends" book I ever read was A Prayerbook for Spiritual Friends this is my model for friendship: 

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                  Website Redesign

                  Keep looking for an easier to use website redesign.  My website started out simple, but soon became cluttered with all the useful things we need for our computers.  The new design will be uncluttered.  I realized the clutter problem long ago, but am just finding the right professional webdesigner to execute the simple design.  I'll let you know when the change is coming, but for now, it's in the works.  And the webdesigner I actually use will be the one I recommend to the rest of you.  Here are some of my favorite simple web designs. 




                  I like these 2 very much:



                  Those of you who have an eye for design, take a look and let me know what you think.   And if you want to see some beautiful web designs, click here:

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                  August Newsletter

                  Which Security System is Right For You?
                  There are many security systems and I have seen many of their successes and failures.  Recently I have seen both Computer Associates Internet Security and Trend Micro Pc-Cillin miss obvious viruses and spyware.  That is why I do NOT recommend these and others.  The best that I have found are Norton 360 and Zone Alarm Security Suite.

                  Why am I Recommending Two?
                  No, never two at once, just one or the other.  No security product is perfect.  Norton comes the closest with its wonderful virus and spyware detection and removal, it's easy on the system and easy on the user and it will backup your data online or to an external source.  Zone Alarm comes in second for requiring more user input and no backup.

                  Backup, Backup, Backup
                  How would it hurt you if you lost personal pictures, addresses, documents that you have on your computer?  Most of us would lose things that were very important to us.  Hard drives fail all the time.  You need a backup copy of your data.  For ease of use, use Norton 360 and a backup hard drive or their online backup.  For a more robust backup, use Acronis.

                  That's all for now.  Be sure to let me know if you would like any topics discussed or terms explained.  Sometimes, there is just too much geek speak!

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