Discussing things that matter


I would like a way to easily post things that matter to me.  Facebook and is good for a sound bite, a linked video or website or pictures; a blog is good for paragraphs.  I think in paragraphs.  So where do you put things that really matter?  Facebook postings disappear quickly.  Blog postings stick around forever.  Facebook is really, really easy.  Blogging takes time and energy.  Most of the stuff on Facebook is trivial; some posts less than trivial. What’s a good place to discuss what really matters? 

A SIDE NOTE: Why can’t adults just grow up and stop playing games? And if they can’t, why do they have to clutter my Facebook page with games?) 

Time is valuable and I don’t want to waste it on the trivial.  I try to read books that matter.  I try to think about things that matter.  I want to discuss what matters and not waste my time on other things.  What do you think?  Do you have a good forum for what matters? 

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