Common Problems and Solutions


  1. Your CD or DVD doesn’t work.  Check My Computer to see if it shows up there.  If it doesn’t, there are several possible reasons.  It may have failed, it may have become disconnected, or Windows may not recognize it.  Failure is not uncommon.  All electronics fail from time to time.  It is extremely rare for a cable to become disconnected.  The most common problem I have seen in Windows XP and now in Vista is a Windows registry setting that has become corrupt.  This requires a registry fix which is like operating on the brains of Windows.  So if this happens to you, please contact us for the fix.  
  2. Your wireless connection is no longer connecting.  This can happen for a number of reasons.  A motor (in a refrigerator or furnace) can run on a different frequency and disrupt the wireless signal.  Fix the refrigerator, furnace, change the location of your computer, or upgrade your router to one that operates on a different frequency.  A neighbor’s wireless signal may be operating on the same frequency and overpowering yours.  You may need to change your frequency or upgrade your router.  On some occasions, the router’s firmware (the program inside the router) needs to be updated to fix the problem, and sometimes the computer software needs to be updated.
  3. Your printer is not working.  Sometimes a document will not be able to print, but the printer does not know what to do, so too many documents build up in the print queue and nothing prints.  If this is the problem, you can click on the printer icon on the right side of your taskbar and delete all items waiting to be printed.  If there is a long list, it could take some time and it would be wise to reboot your computer afterward.  If this is not the problem, go to Control Panel, Printers, and see if your printer is listed.  If it is, make sure it is the default printer.  If you have more than one instance of your printer listed, there is a problem.  One of those printers will work and the other(s) will not.  Call us and we’ll be able to find the working one and delete any others. For some printers, updated software may need to be installed.  This is especially true if it has been several years since the printer was installed.  And there are other printer problems too numerous to mention which cannot be dealt with in this space.

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