Thinking about Heat?


  1. What temperature is best for your computer?  Most people have an idea of what temperature suits them and that is a good temperature for your computer also. 
  2. What happens if your computer is too cold? If the temperature falls below 50 degrees, the mechanical items (like your hard drive) will have difficulty moving and your computer will seem sluggish.
  3. What happens if your computer gets too hot?  This won’t happen in Ohio (or Florida) unless you keep it in a small enclosed space without good airflow.  Your computer’
  4. s electronics are made to operate at high temperatures and the fans in the case provide adequate airflow.  If your processor gets too hot, that is if it loses connection to its heatsink or fan or if the fan stops working, the processor will shut down the computer within a minute or 2, maybe more quickly.  That is built-in protection to keep the processor from overheating.  It is not always easy to replace a fan and heatsink.  It depends on how the manufacturer attached it to the computer and the type of processor you have.  But if your computer starts and then almost immediately turns off, that overheated processor is likely the problem.

And just a note:  A client ordered a new computer from Dell and now finds she doesn’t need it.  So if you’re in the market for a new basic computer with a 3-year warranty, contact me.

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