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Did you know the we offer remote support?  This is a win-win solution in most cases.  It allows us to work remotely on your computer, saving us travel time, fuel, and wear on our vehicles.  In return, we charge in 15 minute increments, often saving you money.  My remote support program is called TeamViewer QuickSupport.  It creates a temporary secure connection between your computer and ours.  When we have finished our work, the connection ends and cannot be reconnected by anyone.  You can access the link from the website or here is the direct link to the program:  Teamviewer.  You might want to download it in advance and save it on your desktop so you already have it when you call us for help.  Then you will just need to click on it to run it.

In some cases we may, with your permission, install the Teamviewer Host program on your computer.  This allows us to connect remotely to your computer without any action on your part so we can work on your computer when you are not available.  If you would like this installed, you need to ask us when we are present with your computer.

Some have asked about the Pay Now button on the website.  This is for new clients.  If you are an existing client, we will email you a bill that you can pay by check or credit card covering the actual time (in 15-minute increments)  Please note, however, that both of these internet support programs work through the internet and will not work unless you have internet access.

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