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I took the plunge and am using a Kindle.  Why the Kindle over other ebook readers?  Because I don’t always read mainstream books and Kindle booksAmazon has the greatest number of books in ebook format.  I chose the DX model rather than the smaller less-expensive version.  Why?  Because I anticipate using it frequently and it means less space used by keyboard and more by the reading material and size was not an issue to me since I rarely use a purse.  Using it for about two weeks, I know that battery life is about 2 weeks as claimed, with wireless turned off.  I have found that I am underlining and marking pages more than I ever did in a paper book.  (Maybe because I know I’m not going to pass the book on to someone else.)  The Kindle is easy to use.  Even the non-geek among us can use it to read.  I like that it saves where I left off reading and lets me switch from book to book.  I don’t like that some diagrams don’t display properly—either something’s missing or they are too difficult to read.  Admittedly the one I sampled (yes, you can sample books before buying) have been from older books.  Perhaps they will be updated to allow the diagram to be enlarged.  Some in newer books can be enlarged.  I like how easy it is to delete books.  I thought it was heavy to hold in bed until I started reading a paper book. The paper book with light was weighing too heavily on my hand also.  The light I am using is the Mighty Bright and it lights well and evenly both on books and the Kindle.  My main reason for getting the Kindle?  I have clients using it and I needed to know it inside and out so I could answer questions.  Of course, I also find it reducing the plethora of paperbacks that end up all around the house!

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