Wifi Do’s and Don’ts



  1. When using public Wi-Fi (McDonalds, Panera, Easton, airports, etc.) do not sit with your back to other people.  They can look over your shoulder and watch what you enter on your computer.  Sit with your back to the wall or in an area with a lot of open space around you and always be aware of movement around you.
  2. Always have a good firewall on your computer and, if asked by a program on your computer, keep the computer in the Public or Internet Zone.  Also, make sure that your internet security product is up-to-date, and yes I still recommend Norton 360.
  3. Use a different browser on your computer for public areas. This can keep any malicious software from accessing information stored by your normal browser.  For example if you usually use Internet Explorer, use Firefox.  If you usually use Firefox, use Google Chrome.
  4. Shut down your computer completely when leaving.  This keeps some malicious software from infecting home or work networks when you connect again.
  5. And for your home Wi-Fi, I recommend Linksys products because even if you install them yourself, they step you through what needs to be done for a secure home network.  I have found other brands to be unsecure after a user install. 

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