Happy Valentine's Day


Ok, we all want gifts but sometimes the best things are what we don't get.  From the simplest:  we don't get wet; we don't get malnourished; we don't get sleep deprived; To the more technical:  we don't get computer crashes; we don't get viruses; we don't get hard drive failures; we don't get spam.  What was the historical context of Valentine's day?  Two Christian leaders who were murdered (martyred) about the same time in the 200's AD.  Valentine's Day short history

Nothing is as bad for us as that but here are some things to make life with your computer better and help make sure that you don't get something you don't want.

  1. Turn on Smart Drive Monitoring in the bios (better not do this yourself, call me!).  This can monitor most modern hard drives for signs of failure and alert you when the computer starts.
  2. Run chkdsk every few months.  Another way to keep your hard drive running problem free.
  3. If you are running Microsoft Office 2002 or earlier.  Upgrade.  Not for a bunch of new features (yes, they are nice, but for increased security (spam email filtering, and others nice things.)
  4. Your router contains a firewall (at least most do). Make sure it is enabled.  Check for firmware updates.
  5. And of course, run a good internet security product. My current favorite for ease of use and best performance is Norton 360.

Until next holiday,


Diana Harkness

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