Internet Security or Antivirus? Which is best?


Many people ask me this question.  Anti-virus products cost less than internet security products, so can you get by with just an antivirus?  The answer depends on you.  Do you have a DSL (SBC or AT&T) or cable (Time Warner, Roadrunner, Insight) connection?  Do you click on links when you are searching the web?  If you can say "yes" to both of these, you need an Internet Security Product.  Why?  It all comes down to the difference.

Anti-virus products, in general, guard you from viruses and spyware and they do this by matching a suspected virus or spyware item to a "signature" for that particular virus or spyware.  Internet security products also look at the "signature," but they do more.  They will monitor the actions of files and programs to see if they act like viruses and spyware.  They will also add a toolbar to your web browser for safer surfing and may monitor websites for danger so you will know before you click.  The one I recommend, Norton 360, also provides a robust firewall, hard drive cleanup and defragmentation, as well as a backup program.

So, while you may pay twice for a yearly subscription to an internet security product, you are getting four, or five, or even six times the benefit.

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