Economic Climate Ideas?


What businesses should survive.
I recently read a review of a book about Marco Polo and the Polo Trading Company.  The review pointed out that a business can remain profitable despite what the government does.  The criteria for remaining profitable are these:

  1. Provide what people want.  I hope you all want friendly, personal, reliable, honest, computer service. And that's what I provide.  No sales or gimmicks.  Just good service.
  2. Offer true value.  That's why we DON'T charge you $99/hour.  After paying expenses at the hourly rate I charge, I can make more than the federal poverty guidelines.  And that's all I need.
  3. Offer exceptional service.  I hope the service we provide would be the rule, rather than the exception, however I have been the victim of poor service that that I would consider no service at all, but often seems to be the rule for some businesses, so maybe my service is the exception!
  4. Have a good reputation--always my goal! 

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