December Depression


I don't know how many others feel as I do.  So depressed that the least disappointment knocks us back a couple of notches.  So, what helps?   A  little humor.  So here goes. . .

Billy Collins reads "Litany"

Billy Collins reads "Lanyard"

And it seems like I have no joy at Christmas but would rather skip right to Easter.  Here's a short article that encourages me to aim for that Christmas joy.  Here's a quote: 

We need to hear the crescendo in heaven. We need to hear the jubilant shouts of some angels, while others remained silent, with awestruck mouths hanging open. Billions of prayers being answered. The Master of the Universe stooping to visit His creation through Yeshua, who would be called Emmanuel (God with us).

Here's what Advent to Christmas should be.  Click on the graphic and check out the Advent Conspiracy:  image

And here's one of the best 12 Days of Christmas.

And I mustn't forget the 8 Polish Foods of Christmas which you can download from Amazon here.

If you have anything that makes you laugh or more about Christmas. . . contact me!

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