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I usually turn over my hardware every couple of years (sometimes sooner), which could be a benefit for you--I'm offering everything to you at a discount before I list it on Ebay. As many of you know I try to always buy the best and most functional. So you get only well-tested high quality. And, of course, I just have one of each, so when they are gone, they are gone. I prefer to sell them locally so no shipping is involved.

If you want Sprint wireless broadband for any laptop with a PC card slot, I am selling my Sprint Sierra Wireless Aircard 595 which fits in a tablet PC or laptop PC card slot (also called PCMCIA). You can go to Sprint's website to find out where it has broadband coverage. Sprint has the best and speediest coverage of any carrier and you get better speed than dial-up and close to true broadband speeds. If you take it with you traveling, it enables you to find what you need on the road--lodging, phone numbers, whatever the internet can provide. Here's a review of the card. If you already have Sprint wireless broadband and want the best PC card manufactured for it, this is it. Only $45 and it's yours. You will probably have to go to a Sprint store to change the activation.

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