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I have been using the Sansa View for several months now.  I bought a stand-alone mp3 player because my PDA just wasn't convenient for playing music.  Why didn't I buy an iPod?  They are expensive, need to use iTunes and not exactly what I wanted.  My tech philosophy is to use whatever is most popular because that is what my clients will be using and it's helpful to me to know the technology inside out.  But an iPod was just too expensive for that.

I purchased the Sansa View 16GB refurbished for about $70--the iPod would have been more than twice that.  I can use the Sansa View with Windows Media Player or any other music player.  I tend to use Windows Music Player for its ease of use and simple layout.    I am using MediaMonkey to set up playlists and sync because it makes it easy to do so on the Sansa View.  I buy my music from Amazon because the mp3's are easy to download, go right into my Windows Media Player library, are DRM free, and are competitively priced. I don't use iTunes because of its proprietary format.  And artists that I really like, I buy on CD. 

The Sansa View is easy to use.  What I like--it saves the last thing I was listening to so I can go right back to it.  It's easy to pause, skip, play by feel in my coat pocket.  It works with a standard headphone jack so I can plug it right into my car.  It is thin and the battery lasts for 8 hours or more of playing.  And Sansa is popular enough that there are boards devoted to it.  So, for me, it's the best of all music players until the next best one comes along.

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