Internet Explorer 8 vs. Firefox 3.5


Internet Explorer 8 has answered some of the short-comings of Internet Explorer 7.  Internet Explorer now has tabbed browsing, private browsing, easy links to Microsoft products and more security.  Firefox 3.5 has tabbed browsing, private browsing, and lots and lots of add-ons (extensions) that enable you to connect with almost anything or do anything or see anything. . . you get the picture.  It also has more security.  What I have found in Internet Explorer 8, however, is that it has so much security that some things don't work or don't display properly.  [For the few of my clients using a dial-up connection, I would advise using Google Chrome because of its speed.]  

Tips for Firefox users: 

  1. My favorite Add-On is Adblock Plus.  It blocks ads on most web pages.  And makes it easy to unblock those you want.
  2. Check to see that you have the most current version: Go to Help, then About and check that you have version 3.5. If you don't, click here to get it.
  3. Finally, an extension called Microsoft .Net Framework Assistant 1.0 may have been installed.  Go to Tools, Add-Ons, Extensions, and disable this feature because it presents a possible security problem.  (You will not be able to uninstall it, but it can be disabled.)

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