Viruses—What do they actually do?


Here are what they may do.

  1. Block access to legitimate websites or your homepage.  If you find that you cannot access,, or your homepage and other valid websites, you may have a virus.
  2. Delete Windows files.  This means that Windows will not work properly and it may mean that even if we remove the virus, Windows will not work properly and may need to be reinstalled.
  3. Steal your identity.  A virus may install a keylogger that tracks what you type and can therefore steal information like your name, address, your user name and passwords for websites, your email address, and any other information you may type.
  4. Download and install spyware and viruses.  Think 1 virus is bad?  What if that virus installs 20 more? 

Of course, you can prevent all this by having a good security system on your computer.  We recommend Norton 360.

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