Do I Want An Ipad?


Most of you who know have asked already know that I do NOT want an Ipad because it omits features which are critical to my work. (USB ports, long battery life, and OneNote).  But what about the rest of you.  Can you work with an Ipad?

The Ipad is so popular that many computer users are willing to do almost anything to make it work for them.  If you are set on using an Ipad, here are some apps that will make it more functional. Before you download any app you need to know how much space it requires because space is limited on the Ipad.  If you do a quick search you will find many Ipad owners searching for ways to increase available storage space.  Please note that I have not actually used any of these apps; All the information comes from other sources.

Let’s jump right in.  For pdf documents (Adobe Reader format) Goodreader is the program to use.  This app is cheap ($4.99) and small (12.5 MB).  It will allow you to annotate pdf documents, so if you like to add notes and comments, highlights and underlines, this might be the app for you.

If you want to work with Word and Excel files, there are several apps which I am listing in order of size.  Each one links to the product’s website where you can learn more.

  • Office2HD—Allows you to perform basic tasks with all current versions of Word and Excel documents. 5.1MB, $7.99
  • Documents to Go—Probably the most full-featured of these programs.  The company also developed this app for Android, Blackberry, and Palm.  9.3MB, $9.99 for for the standard version, $14.99 for the premium version (allows you to edit PowerPoint presentations)
  • Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite—Allows you to edit Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.  The largest of all these apps at 20.9MB, it currently costs $14.99.

What if you don’t want to work through an app?  What if you could use your Ipad to access and work on your office computer.  You can with Logmein IgnitionLogmein Ignition uses your internet connection to create a secure tunnel to your office computer.  This allows you to use any programs on your computer such as Microsoft Office, your web browser (to get around the Ipad’s Flash media limitations), and other programs you need.  It won’t be as fast or smooth as sitting directly in front of your office computer, but it will allow you to perform work you may not be able to do otherwise.  Coming in at 9.9MB, it costs $29.99.

Now that I’ve given you all the workarounds for what I consider a less than functional piece of equipment, what’s the alternative?  Use a notebook/laptop computer running Windows or wait for a good Windows-based tablet.  My first tablet ran on Windows XP and had an attached keyboard.  It is still in use today (by someone else) and until I find a tablet that has what I consider critical tools, OneNote, multiple USB ports, and long battery life (>4 hours), I will not be moving to a tablet.  So Apple, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Viewsonic and others, take note of what the working public wants!

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