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As someone with a degree in Photography and Cinema, I was leery of digital photography.  The first efforts produced less than stellar quality; I was determined to wait until digital photos were close to non-digital camera and film quality.  As digital cameras became affordable, I saw the product diluted; Everyone who used a digital camera believed  they could be a photographer. 

The problem with my thinking is that the same thing has happened with any tool that is sold inexpensively.  Anyone possessing the tool believes they can use it correctly.  During those times when photography was expensive, someone who wanted to be a photographer would sacrifice for the sake of their craft as I did at one time.  Now the digital camera makes it all so easy.  Or does it?

My first digital camera does not even deserve mention in this space.  I purchased my next one on Ebay on the basis of its quality lens and multiple settings.  The camera I am using today, with quality lens and multiple settings, a Nikon S5100, still causes me to miss the simplicity of my old Minolta and Nikon cameras.  With those cameras, once the film was loaded and the correct lens was on, all I needed to think about was focal length, shutter speed and F-stop.   Some things needed no thought.  Stopping speed, use high shutter speed.  Limiting depth of field, use lens wide open.  And focus was simply a twist.  Now, I have to choose these settings from a menu instead of simply turning dials and focus seems to be wherever the camera wants it to be.  Yes, I know there’s a learning curve and I haven’t rounded it yet.  I bought the Nikon to do what my Kodak wouldn’t: take macro shots.  And that it does well.

When I purchased the Nikon, I had to make a choice.  I chose in favor of small form, good lens, macro ability, and price.  I decided to sacrifice everything else because only an SLR would really satisfy me.  And that would come with a big price.

So enough about the camera.  Here’s a cool tool to remove unwanted objects from your digital photos: Inpaint.  Free today only (Tuesday, 7/19/2011) by clicking this link.

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