Turn Back Time


Many people believe that using the built-in system restore program in Microsoft Windows will restore their computer to an earlier time when all worked well.  However, what system restore does is restore only your Windows system files.  Anything else that has lost, changed, or destroyed will not be restored.  Would you like a program that restores everything to a particular point in time?  Did you ever permanently delete a file or email or something personal to you and right away wish you hadn’t?  Have you ever done something and then wanted to go back and undo it, but you can’t?   RestoreIT is a low cost program (under $40, but contact me for discounts) which takes snapshots of your computer and can restore everything on your computer to a particular date and time. Unlike the restore program built into Windows which only restores Windows’ own system files, RestoreIT restores EVERYTHING, even things you may not want restored to a previous date or time. I tested it by deleting an email, a picture I did not care about, and changing a Windows system file. I set RestoreIT to take a snapshot every 15 minutes (yes, I’m paranoid, one hour or more is fine for most people.) Later that day, I returned and used RestoreIT. It successfully restored the email, the picture I had permanently deleted, and the system file I had renamed. I checked RestoreIT for the load it placed on my system resources. It used a nominal amount of system resources and ran unnoticed in the background. WARNING: RestoreIT does not retrieve one file; it changes your whole system. So, use it with care only to remove the effects of a recent mistake.

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