Camping in Georgia by D. Harkness


Camping in Georgia

The darkest dark of moonless night
around that Georgia lake
the tent went up by car headlight
the poles, the nylon, and the stakes

Happy to be safe inside
we touched, we kissed, and more
the night was warm and as we drowsed
the water lapped the shore

But terrors of the night abound
which ears and flesh invade
and unseen creepy crawly things
a camper's nightmare preys

Just a dream I knew it was
until I felt it there
and in the light I knew it true
creepy crawly in my hair

First love, now rape
in every crevice every pore
ants within and on my skin
ants covering the floor

Grabbing cover; To the showers!
No quiet sleep that night
the car seat was the bed of choice
until the first daylight.

The brightest bright of Georgia day
showed truly where we faltered
the entire lakeside was their home
the ants thought we were squatters!

The moral of this story strange
is not what you might expect
for only in that one state park
did ants arrive unchecked.
So never set the tent by dark
and never in that Georgia park
where ants control entire tracts
and danger lurks behind your back.

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