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As many of you know, I use the Kindle DX for much of my reading.  Most of my Kindle books are downloaded from Amazon, a few are from the library.  Note:  library books have a 2-week due date, but that is irrelevant if you do not use the 3G on your Kindle.  If you don’t connect and sync with Amazon, the books stay on your Kindle and are readable until you delete them.

I also have a tablet.  I was “forced” to read a book on the tablet because the particular site from which I obtained that book, required use of an Android app to read it.  I dislike reading on my tablet almost as much as I dislike reading on my computer.  The screen brightness tires my eyes.  The tablet, however, makes reading easier, but enabling me to read in a number of different places and positions.  But the eyestrain will keep me from using it as a reader.

Another problem, common to tablets and the Kindle Touch, is the problem of unexpected touching interfering with the reading experience.  If you live in a house with cats, you will understand the problem.  It is not uncommon for a cat to walk across my Kindle while I am reading.  If it was a Kindle Touch, the cat paws would create unknown havoc.  Also, my own misplaced touch would frustrate the reading experience.

My conclusion:  Non-touch Ereaders with their e-ink technology provide the best experience, with fewer headaches and eyestrain. There is merit to having one device solely for reading.

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