Who should update to Windows 7?


The pre-release Windows 7 was made available for the first time time this month.  And people have asked me, "Should I upgrade to Windows 7?"  Here is my response:  If you have Windows XP, probably not, unless your computer was manufactured in the last year or two and you know that it could run Windows Vista (this will depend on the software you need to run as well as the hardware in your computer).  I know that most Netbooks sold with XP will run Windows 7.  I am running it on mine.  I also know that computers running Vista will run Windows 7, so if you have Vista and would like more features, more compatibility, less memory usage, and a more stable operating system--everything that Vista could have been, then you will want to upgrade to Windows 7.  If you are buying a new computer, ask the manufacturer (Dell, HP, or other) if they will throw in Windows 7 when it is released.

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