Who are we?


When you contact us about your computer what do we do?

  • We provide you with security.  We can examine your computer and tell you with a reasonable certainty that with all the concerns in your life, your computer need not be one of them! We check to make sure your software, including your operating system, is up to date and that internet connections are secure.
  • We provide better communication and organization.  A computer is primarily a communications tool and a data organization tool.  Most people use it to communicate through email and web postings and to organize their written communications to family, friends, and professionals in their lives.  We make sure that all things work together well and help you easily locate what you need to ease communication. 
  • We provide value.  Not only can we make your computer function better, we can help you relate to your computer better.  This is the most difficult part of what we do because while computers are built for the general masses, every person and business has specific needs and does things in a specific way.  We try to listen to your specific needs and make things work the way you need them to work.  But, if you don't think you are getting your point across, tell us.  Maybe tell us two or three times until we get it.  We can then recommend a workaround or the best free or low cost ways for you to do what you want to do.

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