Feedback, Why Do It?


How do we use feedback?

Feedback is vital to any business or person.  When interacting with you and working on your computers it is essential.  The need for feedback starts on first contact when we try to discern the nature of your problem.  We need to know what happened before your problem started.  Did you install a new printer, phone or other hardware?  Did you install some software?  Did you click on a certain web page or link?  Did you experience a power outage?  Did you install an update?  Or did it just happen out of the blue?  The answers to these questions can help us determine the action to take and the approximate amount of time it might take us to solve the problem.  However, this is not an exact science and a certain amount of guesswork still takes place! 

Next, when we are with you and your computer we need to know any other questions or issues you may have.  That way we can complete the job in fewer trips and make more efficient use of our time and yours.  Also, talking to you in person is usually a more accurate form of communication, although it may not be if we are stressed or tired!

Finally, we need feedback when we are finished.  No, you don't have to send a card or tip us, but we always appreciate a smile.  We know we have done our best and we like to know that you know also. And for those of you who are Angie's List members, and who haven't posted feedback or haven't done it recently.  Please do.  Here's a link to do it now.  Please note that called-in feedback to Angie's List does not create a detailed useful report on the web page.  So, please post it on the web!  I need it especially because once in awhile (recently, in fact) people who never see me, post a negative review.  And I do put feedback on my own website, so if you want it posted there, just send it to me in an email or use the Contact page on the website to send it.

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