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We all need to know more.  Here is a listing for a class my friend is teaching at the Vineyard Community Center, 6000 Cooper Rd., Westervile, OH  43081.  Other classes are also available, at this website.


Basic Computer Understanding

This program is the first place to start to learn about computers. This course pre-supposes NO computer knowledge. You will learn the basic pieces of the computer, what each part does and where all those wires go! We will spend some time discussing basic computer techniques such as “select”, “copy to clipboard”, and pasting. We will briefly discuss word processing, spreadsheets and email. You may purchase a textbook (optional) for the class, “Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Computer Basics”, (4th Edition), by Michael Miller (paperback) before the class begins. Please pre-register as class size is limited. For more information about this class, contact Dave Holland.

Instructor: Dave Holland
Email: class@sparrowhawkcon...
Ages: 18 & Up
Activity #: SP-6489
Date(s): 4/10/2010 - 5/29/2010
Time: 9:00 am - 11:00 am
Days: Saturdays
Fee: None
Location: CC.204B
Max: 18

And if you are interested, I am leading a monthly Creative Writing Workshop.  Here are the details:

Creative Writing Workshop

3rd Saturdays

For adults, ages 18 and up.  This is a monthly workshop for the beginning writer as well as long-time writers.  To encourage creative writers and build creative writing skills.  We will meet in room CC.203A in the Vineyard Community Center on the 3rd Saturday of each month (except holiday weekends) from 9-11am to share what we have learned about writing that might help others in the group.  We will start by using the book, "Caring for Words in a Culture of Lies", by Marilyn Chandler McEntyre, discussing one chapter each month.  In addition, each participant will bring a written paragraph, essay, short story, or poem (not to exceed 3 pages or 750 words) to be shared with and critiqued by the group.  There is no cost for this program.  There is an approximate $12 cost for the book which should be purchased before the first class begins.  No need to pre-register.  Just come!

Instructor: Diana Harkness
Email: diana@helpwithmycomp...
Date(s): 4/17/2010 - 8/21/2010
Time: 9:00 am - 11:00 am
Days: 3rd Saturdays of each month
Fee: None
Location: CC.203A
Phone #: 614.329.6671

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