Passwords, passwords, passwords


Here’s what you can do to make it simple. 

Where you are giving out personal information, credit card information, birth date, and the like, use a complex password of 8 or more letters and numbers and other characters. Pick a line you have memorized and use the first letters of each word.  For example:  Whose woods these are I think I know.   This password would be WwtaItIk.  Then to make it complex, exchange 1 or more letters with numbers.  I will make the a into 5.  Now it is Wwt5ItIk.  Finally add a non-numerical character (something above the number keys on you keyboard.  I will change the 2nd W to a %.  My final password is W%t5ItIk.  This will work well for secure sites where you give out personal information.  (Note: This is not my password for any site.)

For sites that are not important but you need a password to login, use a simple word that you can easily remember, such as “elephant” or “garbage” or raucous or anything like that.  It can be a noun, adjective, or adverb, or even a verb.  Just make it something you can easily remember.  And never use consecutive strings of numbers or letters for any password.

Now these will not be the most secure way for you to work, but for those of you who have trouble remembering, this is an easier way to use passwords:  1 complex password for secure sites; 1 simple password for sites you don’t care about.

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