Windows 7 Revealed
What you should know

The biggest complaint about Windows 7 is that you cannot install it as an upgrade to Windows XP.  Some Windows XP computers can run Windows 7 if it is installed as a clean install, but the truth is that many do not meet Windows 7 hardware requirements, such as a discrete video card. So, if Windows XP is working for you, stay with it.  If it's not working.  Then you may be able to install Windows 7, but not without backing up your personal data and reinstalling all sofware you might use.

Another problem with moving to Windows 7 is that your printer or scanner may not be able to come along.  Many printer manufacturers had to change their software to work with Vista, and now, with the economic downturn, they may not have the resources to do the same for Windows 7.  They might prefer just to sell you a new printer.  Major manufacturers will list on their website whether your printer or scanner is supported.  If it is not, then it is highly unlikely that it will ever work with Windows 7.

But what's the good news?  The good news is that old program that would not work in Vista, just might work in Windows 7.  Also, also if you tend to misplace files (don't we all?)  Windows 7 makes them easy to find.  

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