How to Restore Internet
A few simple steps

When you lose internet, the world stops. Well, not really, but your access to it might.  Here's what you can do to recover.

  1. Unplug your modem and your router (if you have one).  Modems and routers can be out of sync with each other and the internet. 
  2. Restore power to the modem.  The allows it to sync with the internet.  When the lights are on and steady (a couple of minutes) then you can. . .
  3. Restore power to the router.  This allows it to get settings and give information to the router.  If you still don't have internet after this,
  4. Open Internet Explorer 8.  (This will work only in IE8).  Let it try to access the internet.  If it cannot, it will give you the option to Diagnose and Repair.  This often succeeds and restores your internet.
  5. If these steps fail, call 614-329-6671 and we will figure out your problem.  Sometimes security is configured improperly, a windows file is missing, or some other configuration has changed.  We can diagnose and restore internet so you can again connect with the world.

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