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Internet Explorer 9 has just been released for Windows 7 users.  Sorry, but everyone else can stop reading now.  Internet Explorer 9 comes in two varieties:  one for 32-bit operating systems and one for 64-bit operating systems.  How do you know which you have?  Click on Control Panel, System & Security, System, then look at System Type on the window in front of you.  It will tell you whether you have a 32-bit or 64-bit system.  Download and installation was very fast, but you must reboot your computer to use it.  First use is very fast, also and Internet Explorer 9 informs you if any addons are slowing it down and gives you the option to disable them.  You should not disable Adobe Reader or Adobe Flash, Microsoft Office and any addons for your internet security product.  However, if you disable an add-on but need it later, it’s a simple matter to reenable it.  Where can you download Internet Explorer 9?  Anywhere you see Internet Explorer 9 in this email.

Security. How does Internet Explorer 9 help keep you secure.  When you click on a website link you want to know that it will take you where you think you are going.  Internet Explorer 9 gives you information on web links whenever you move your cursor over one.  The information is displayed on the lower left side of your browser window.  This lets you examine it.  If you are clicking on a link to your bank, it should obviously have your bank’s name in the link.  If you are clicking on a link to Amazon, that name should be in the display.  Please note that I and others use third party referrers which route your link through a third party site.  For instance it may say or  The third party sites are used to track usage of my website.  They are not dangerous.  Nothing on any of my websites ( or or any other website I use carries any danger.  If, however, you worry about where the link might take you, type into your address bar where you want to go and don’t use the link.

The Look.  Internet Explorer 9 is streamlined.  See the picture below. You can see that the top is streamlined with just forward and back buttons on the left.  On the right, are home, favorites, tools.  Everything you don’t see is found under tools.  The only thing you will see on the bottom are downloads when you are downloading.  And speaking of downloads, they are easier to use than ever.  If there is anything else you would like to know about Internet Explorer 9, please contact me.IE9

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