What else is new? Adobe Reader X and Norton 360 v.5


Adobe has done it again.  Released a new Reader as a separate download without providing it by update.  Why do they continue to do this?  I don’t know.  But to get Adobe Reader X (or 10) you will need to download it.  You can click here to download it.  Its installer runs in your browser, so if the installer is not already installed you will have to assent to its installation.  Once that is finished and your browser has restarted, it will allow you to install Adobe Reader X.  After that, you merely have to wait until it’s finished.

Norton 360 has a new edition, also, and it will not update itself.  You can obtain the new version here.  Click on Start Download on the top right of the web page.  Install is straightforward and your computer will need to be rebooted.  Nothing needs to be changed after it is installed. 

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