Nursery Web Spider


If you’ve never known one, you could easily rearrange the words with sufficient meaning.  Web Spider Nursery and  Spider Web Nursery give you a hint.  Web Nursery Spider is almost meaningless.  What am I talking about?  Pictured below is a shot of the female Nursery Web Spider carrying her egg sac. 


The Nursery Web Spider carries the eggs using her mouth and two extra appendages (called “pedipalps”)until they are almost ready to hatch.  Then she weaves a web of silk, attaches it to leaves, and deposits the egg sac within.  She stands guard until the eggs hatch.  If you get close enough (I’m not sure I want to!) you may be able to identify the Nursery Web Spider by its eyes.  Like most other spiders it has eight eyes.  The Nursery Web Spider eyes are arranged in two rows of 4 and the eyes in the top row may be slightly farther apart than those in the bottom row.  Frankly, looking at spider eyes on the web makes me shudder, so I’ll leave closer identification to you!

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