When Do You Need to Call For Help?


Just like any appliance, a computer can become finicky with age.  At some point, you will ask yourself “Do I need a new one or should I have the present one repaired?”  One way to avoid this question is a monthly, quarterly or yearly checkup.  A monthly checkup is recommended if you are dependent on proper computer function in a high-paced workplace.  A quarterly checkup is recommended if your workplace computer needs are slower paced.  And finally, a yearly checkup is recommended if you are a home user.

What does a checkup include?  During a normal one-hour checkup (longer if problems are found), we examine your computer to ensure that all software applications are up to date.  These include Windows, office programs, Java, Adobe, your internet security, your web browser, and other miscellaneous programs.  Out of date programs can slow your computer and create security problems.  We also check your computer’s memory to ensure that you have sufficient to see you through the foreseeable future and we check hard drive space for the same reason.  Finally, if we suspect hard drive problems, we examine the drive itself using software tools. 

After our checkup we will present you with our findings and make recommendations based on your situation.  When we ask you questions, it is because we try to determine if you are a person who leans toward the next new thing or whether you prefer to make things last as long as possible, or whether you fall somewhere between those two extremes.  We have entered situations where the person was ready to purchase a new computer no matter what we found, other situations where the person wanted the computer fixed despite the fact that a new computer might have been less expensive.  Whatever options we present, we cannot foresee the future and no one can tell you how long any part of your computer may last.

So, whether it’s monthly, quarterly, or yearly, make your computer decisions wisely, based on sound information.  And if you’re behind on your checkup, give us a call now at 614-329-6671.

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