Fiction of the Year--2006


I don't often read fiction, but I read a lot of it last year. Below you will find my short list of recommendations. Click on any title to see it at Amazon.

  1. Sutter's Cross by W. Dale Cramer--Absolutely the best fiction I read last year. Well written, excellent character development. If you only read 1 novel, read this one.
  2. Outriders and Trackers by Kathryn Mackel--a series for fantasy lovers--I'm not one, especially, but these books are well-written and drew me in to the plot, the characters, and the situations. I hope never to be in that world, but it gave a glimpse of good reclaiming what was lost.
  3. Shoofly Pie and Chop Shop by Tim Downs--light-hearted forensic mysteries. Just what I needed!
  4. Germ and Comes a Horsman by Robert Liparulo--Thrillers. I'm not sure which one I liked best. Germ started abruptly and perhaps would make a better screenplay than a novel. Comes a Horseman had better character development. But I liked both.

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