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A quick note: I have moved my Blog here because Xanga was just not responding, while Blogger Blogs are. . . anyway I have been reading the Pauline Epistles (the letters Paul wrote while in prison) and a couple of things have poppped out at me. OK, it's not just the Pauline Epistles, but the totality of my reading and conversations. . . anyway the 2 things that popped are this:

  1. We are not to be captivated by hollow and deceptive philosophy which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world (Letter to Colossians)
  2. We are to have nothing to do with fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. For it is shameful even to mention what is done in secret. But everything exposed to light becomes visible. (Letter to Ephesians)
OK, First, if we put on Christ, if we live as he would live, were he living life as us, we wouldn't be captivated by hollow and deceptive philosophy. But, if we aren't vigilant it's easy to be deceived. I'm not talking about hyper-vigilance where we examine everything. . . we wouldn't have time to live! But I have been reading a book about design and truthful communication, Beautiful Evidence by Edward Tufte . Tufte explains beautifully (no pun, it is a beautiful book) that much of what we see presented in reports, pictures, newspapers, textbooks is designed to obscure truth, at the best, and at the worst, misrepresent.

So read this book. If you are not a statistician or scientist, you might want to skip to then end of some of the sections and read the conclusion. Reading the end of every paragraph will give you a clue. But non-statiscian, non-scientist me is reading every word and thinking. Because as Tufte said, quoting someone else, it is better to be ambiguous than to lie. But read the book for yourself and see how "truth" presented in a common visual manner leads to lies that kill.

Second, a mature person does not need to be afraid of deeds done in darkness. It is good for us to have a healthy fear but not so much fear that we cannot even expose what is being done and be healed. I just read a good example from
a website that helps people with sexual problems

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