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Free of Charge: Giving and Forgiving in a Culture Stripped of Grace
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Ok, I'm back. Reading a couple of books that really make me think. .. doesn't hurt to have a house guest that does the same. Our own conception of God may be an idol. Are we trusting Him to give us the desires of our heart? Do we even know what those desires are? He says in Isaiah, My thoughts are not your thoughts and My ways are not your ways. And yet we decide that we know what we want/need and ask Him for it expecting even more wondrous things than we ask and even better than we expect. But what if His way is painful and His thought completely different from yours? Do we even know what the desires of our own hearts? Are we creating an idol-god who gives what we think we should get from the desires we think we understand from our hearts? Or, like Salieri and Mozart, are trying to promise God something in exchange for what we think we deserve, and then feel slighted (at the very least) when someone else gets what we thought we should have gotten or if we never get what we think we deserve. I know everyone has these thoughts. Do you hold what you have lightly waiting for God's next move or are you clutching what you have afraid that you will lose it? Something to think about.

The author of the book I'm reading (and his wife) had the deep desire for children, but infertility kept him and his wife from having any. They tried for years without success and with they pain only other infertile couples why desire children can understand. Then one day they adopted a child, and 4 years later, they were able to adopt another, not the original desires of their hearts as they knew those desires, but a secondary option. Today those two adopted children are the hearts' love and the hearts' desire realized. The author noted that these two particular children would never have been part of their lives, had they not had to suffer through infertility.

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