Google Chrome--latest entry in the browser wars


I have been using Google latest browser "Chrome" as well as Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 8.  Chrome and 8 are both in beta--almost ready for release and use by everyone.  What's different in IE8--not much.  What's different about Chrome--everything.  For 1 thing, it's fast.  Very fast rendering web pages even on a slower connection.  And did I mention, it's fast!  Wow!  I'd be using it just because it's fast.  Okay, enough with fast.  It's sleek, it imported all my Firefox bookmarks and Passwords very well.  When I tried it on a different computer where IE7 was the browser, it was importing all of those settings, also.  What I don't like about it:  it's so new, there are no add-ons.  So, no ad blocking.  But, did I mention, it's fast!  I thought Firefox 3 was fast when compared to Internet Explorer but Chrome is so very obviously fast that it leaves both of them standing in the starting gate.  I have had no problems with any web pages, from stock pages, to the NY times, to my own page, to various others.  There may be more later as I use it more. 

And as I've used it more, it's still fast.  Just one little glitch for me that no one else has noted.  I can't close it.  If I click the red X, nothing happens.  I can maximize and minimize and that's all.  But, it's probably just my system.  I can close it by right-clicking  in the upper L corner and choosing close or doing the same thing in the task bar, but it's just a tiny bit annoying!  OH, but it is so fast!

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