Labor Day musing (or Vacation musing)


Here's a quote I recently read. 

Something about being here in the wilderness settles my soul.  I can see why people yearn to retire somewhere remote, just live their lives in peace without their own expectations or someone else's weighing them down. . .

If I could rationalize it as a way Jesus would have lived, I'd do it.  He may have gone off to refresh Himself, but He always came back around.  At least in His man-skin He did.  I sure wish He'd come back around right now.

I read this book over the weekend.  The paragraphs above do not define it.  It has very little to do with the wilderness!  It's a novel about a woman with a wonderful husband and son, and wonderful friends, living in a great house on a lake in an urban (possibly suburban) community.  She realizes that her life is just not right but can't put her finger on what is wrong and what to do about it.  This book is the story of how different people and events change her.  Well, not really that.  This book is how she changes as she tries to right a childhood wrong.  Well, that's not quite right either.  It's a progression from how she realizes in bit and pieces that something is wrong, then finds ways to change what is wrong.  It's difficult to describe this book because her life is not linear, things are happening in every direction and if the author had not been forced to place word after word, this would be a mess!  Just like her life.  There are so many very visual descriptions, that this would make a good movie.  So read Quaker Summer.  It is worth reading even if you aren't married, have no children or friends or feel completely comfortable with your life.

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